Polly the Polyhedragon - Personal Use STL Pack

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A super cute, pre-supported STL file of everyone's favourite Polly the Polyhedragon!

This is a Digital product - photographs of the test print are for example only.

As a Digital item this purchase is non refundable.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to only use the file to print for personal use. You may NOT sell or transfer the files or prints.

If you wish to sell prints of this item you may do so by purchasing the STL Print to Sell Package:

Print to Sell License HERE!

Upon purchase of this item you will receive an email link to download the STL file for your very own Polyhedragon as well as a print ready file for a resin printer!


Just like Dragons, dice can come in many shapes and sizes! Polly the Polyhedragon had been tested with 12 different sets of dice, but there is no guarantee that your dice will fit, so you may need to rescale the project to fit your dice. Polly the Polyhedragon has been modelled based on the following dimensions:

D4 17mm

D6 15.8mm

D8 15.4mm (24.2mm point to point)

D10 16.3mm (22.2mm point to point)

D00 16.3mm (22.2mm point to point)

D12 18mm

D20 19.9mm

This item measures about 22cm long, 10cm tall and 8cm wide when printed full size.

This model has been tested and supported for SLA printing (specifically on an Elegoo Saturn 4K, with Elegoo ABS-Like Grey resin). No assurances can be made about using an FDM printer as this has not been tested. You will need to slice and orientate the model yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: this file has been updated on April 8, 2024 to add the correct file to the unsupported BODY piece. Please get in touch if you need this new file if you have bought this item before April 8, 2024.

As a Digital item this is non refundable.


Digital sculpture by CREATURECAVE.co.uk

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No Refunds

This is a digital product and as such refunds are not available. Please be sure you are purchasing the right product pack for your needs.

Last updated Apr 2, 2024

Fully supported (and unsupported) STL files to print your own Polly the Polyhedragon

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Polly the Polyhedragon - Personal Use STL Pack

4 ratings
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